What is Helo LX?

HELO stands for Health & Lifestyle Oracle (‘HELO’)
This wearable wrist monitor has been designed to be just that, your Oracle. It was created to continuously monitor dozens of personal fitness and vital health functions. The revolutionary, sleek design offers the same fitness functions as its competitors, however, the Helo LX offers so much more.
The most advanced health and lifestyle wearable serves many different purposes with its robust health and fitness monitoring coupled with GPS, a panic button, and a smartphone app that puts all the data at your fingertips.  The uses for the Helo LX are really limitless...real-time feedback to help you monitor your health and biomarkers, keep a watchful eye on an aging parent, or a child with a chronic illness, even for a patient who needs someone to help them review and assess their biometrics in response to medications.


Helo LX – Love at First Beat

Continuous Monitoring

  • Blood Pressure Rate
  • Heart Rate
  • Breath Rate (respirations)
  • ECG/EKG (Electro-cardiogram)
  • Blood Oxygen Level*
  • Body Temperature*
  • Blood Glucose*
  • Blood Alcohol Level*

*coming soon

Fitness Tracking

  • Sleep Quality Pattern
  • Calories Burned
  • Mood Analysis (emotions)
  • Fatigue/Energy Analysis
  • Stress Levels
  • Number of Steps Taken
  • Distance Walked

Where do I buy the Helo LX?

I want the peace of mind in knowing that I am managing my own wellness.

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What's Different About Helo?

Panic Button for Peace of Mind

The Helo LX offers peace of mind for individuals with health issues or those who find themselves in a dangerous situation with the Panic Button feature. By pushing this button twice, the Helo uses GPS to locate you and send a text message to your loved ones or guardian.

The Helo App

The Helo App for your smart phone is the final touch in creating a device that truly serves as your health and lifestyle oracle. The real time information provides peace of mind when caring for several categories of people. 

  • You and/or your Partner
    Take charge of your health and wellness by becoming aware of your vital signs. Know when your signs are changing in order to be your own health advocate.

  • Children
    Monitor your child's health in real time whether they are at school or at home. This can be especially vital for children with chronic illnesses such as asthma, food allergies, or diabetes.

  • Mentally Challenged
    Be alerted to changes in vital signs for those who may not otherwise know to ask for help. Those with Autism, Down's Syndrome, or other cognitive impairments may become lost or unable to find their way home. The Helo LX offers GPS position location.

  • Aging Parents
    Elderly parents or relatives who live alone or are suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia can easily have a second or third party be able to monitor their vital signs with this unique app and device combination.

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How Does Helo Work?

The Helo was designed with science and creativity in mind. Using artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art techniques, Helo has the ability to assist in generating better treatment plans and understanding each patient in a more complete way. This allows physicians and care-givers the opportunity to make more accurate decisions.


Helo measures your bio-metrics using the optical techniques PPG (Photoplethysmography) and NIR (Near-Infrared) spectroscopy.

  • PPG uses low intensity infrared light at the surface of the skin that is absorbed by bones, blood, and skin. This allows the PPG sensors to detect changes in blood flow without invasive procedures.  
  • NIR uses the near infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum to measure tissue information. This information detects hemoglobin concentration, which allows the Helo to monitor specific changes in body tissues.


Helo was designed to be fully compliant with the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things allows many different related computing devices to exchange information with each other. This exchange of information allows the IoT devices to communicate without the need for human interaction.